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Solar panels

Qcell panels have excellent energy density and are backed by a massive international company ($50B revenues, $145B assets) which will be able to back the 25 year power output warranty and 25 year full warranty. 

LG NeON® R is a powerful, high-performing solar module. A cell structure that eliminates electrodes on the front to decrease the possibility of shading and increase the potential for light absorption. LG NeON® R features powerful performance and a streamlined design suitable for residential roofs.

Products - microinverter


When having panels facing multiple orientations or the roof has shading issues, we recommend using microinverters. Enphase is the leading manufacturer and offers a 25 year warranty.

products - inverters


Currently using SMA inverters with 2-3 MPPTs (Tracking points) each for maximum power production, others available as needed.  SMA inverters are the market leader and have a 10 year warranty.

products Tesla powerwall


Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery system designed to maximize your home’s energy independence. That means seamless backup and a smaller carbon footprint for your home, and potentially savings on your electricity bill. Powerwall is an intelligent system that can be customized to your energy needs, with the ability to charge from solar or from the grid so energy is always available on demand.

products - solar tile

Solar tiles

The Apollo® Tile II solar roofing system packs powerful solar energy production into a sleek, low-profile roofing system.  Featuring solar tiles that are engineered to be installed with a new or existing  flat concrete tile roof, Apollo Tile II offers clean energy without the bulky look of rack mounted solar systems.

Products solar racking system

Racking System

We used 2 brands depending on the type of roof and they are the best the market can offer.

For standing seam metal roofs, we use the S-5! Roof clamps with zero penetration and backed by a Limited Lifetime Workmanship and Material Warranty.

For any other type of roof, we use SnapNrack solar mounting solutions, backed by a 25 years Limited Product Warranty.