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Many designs are installed over flat, standing seam, tile and shingle roofs. We are also the largest installer of solar tiles in Florida.

financial benefits

Commercial & Government

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from installing commercial solar panels. The financial benefit is one of the best reasons to install a commercial solar panel system. Offsetting some, or all, of your electricity use at a business with solar reduces electric bills from the start. Plus, solar panel systems operate effectively for over 25 years, and once your business makes back the upfront investment for their system, you can generate free electricity from the solar panel system for many years after. Another benefit is that solar helps promote a sustainable brand image. Solar panels are a visible sign that your business is committed to sustainability and a clean energy future.


Sunshine Solar Services has the experience you can rely on for your commercial solar installation. We have been installing commercial solar panels for more than 13 years, and our commercial solar systems are personalized to the unique demands of your business.

power anywhere

Island & Off-grid

Energy is expensive in the islands. Many people choose to make the investment into solar to offset those costs.


Off-grid solar means that you are completely disconnected from the electrical grid. Your off-grid solar panel system will need to produce all the electricity your home requires. These systems are great for those who do not live near power lines, want to reduce their impact on the environment, or simply want to be energy-independent. Plus, when the grid goes down, your off-grid system will still have power.


Sunshine Solar Services has many successful battery and off-grid installations throughout the Florida Keys, Bahamas and Mexico.